Who are we?


Carrying out significant projects in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and completing them successfully, EMTAN CONSTRUCTION LTD. was established in TRNC in 1988. Tandogan Tanli contributed the experience and maturity that he gained from the construction works he started in Limassol in 1958 to this company. Following the advancement of Emtan as being stronger and more successful by the second generation member Emin Tanlı, the third generation contractor members of the family Ragıp Tanlı and Tanol Tanlı are bringing their modern vision and global perspective effectively to the company.

EMTAN CONSTRUCTION LTD. has carried out important construction and contracting works in Kyrenia and Nicosia since 1988. In addition to the housing estates, site projects, residences and apartments it has built on its own, over time EMTAN has completed and delivered many buildings owned by private organizations and the state of government. Since 1988, the company·s priority and principle is being the most reliable, the highest quality and the most ethical construction company. Since its establishment, the firm is fully active in the sector with its self-devotion regarding the quality and ethic.

Having provided service in Northern Cyprus for many years, EMTAN CONSTRUCTION LTD. is working for the better in every new project. Working with the awareness that it exists thanks to its customers and stakeholders, EMTAN adopts high quality constructions as a principle. EMTAN benefits from an awareness of its ability to maintain its quality and competitive prices by following technology. In their functioning and existence, EMTAN's worksites resemble industrial cities. EMTAN performs all its planning work based on the studies of its technical staff. Its experienced personnel, specialized in their fields, are the strongest assurance offered by EMTAN.